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Conversations delighting Customers 

Support Customers, Engage with them, Solve and Sell more using Conversational AI

Forget the Bot, Integration and Automaton

Our messenger is loved by companies to amaze their customers.

Our Communication System has everything : Chatbot, Studio, AI for different cases and all kinds of integrations possible. Everyday we add 100’s of new integrations to make sure your business does not act like a wall, but performs like a person. It recommends, it broadcasts, it converges channels like social, whatsapp, telegram at one place. It also functions like the operational CRM you always wanted. You will do what you want. Best part, we will do it for you. You do not need to stop and drool at competitors chat.

Shared Team Inbox

With LimeRine’s team inbox for WhatsApp, you will never miss a WhatsApp message from your user.

Every member of your team can see and respond to WhatsApp messages easily and quickly.

Automated Notifications

LimeRine’s notification engine enables you to engage with your users and keep them always informed.

Easily set broadcast campaigns and never worry about sending an update to your users!

Contact Management

LimeRine enables you to see all your customer data at one place and learn more about what your customers want.

Go direct-to-customer with WhatsApp

Be where your customers are!

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Easily connect with your users

WhatsApp inbox for business owners and teams

Shared inbox across your team. Works on desktop and mobile so that you never miss a user message.

Automated messages, Quick replies & templates to give instant response

Respond to users in minutes and deliver instant delight

Get full customer picture when you talk to them

Bring your user data to LimeRine with pre-made apps

Non-stop relationship building

Automated notifications to keep your users engaged & informed

Easily send personalised updates to your users on their most used app.
WhatsApp messages get 6x more visibility than email or sms

Insights from user data to refine your strategy

All your user data & conversations at one place. Easy filter to get insights

Single dashboard to see all your contacts. Filter based on conversation data, tags and more

Easily connect to Apps you already use

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